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i do agree with you guys. (i know, maybe we should start a new thread).

but, the thing that is frusterating is that last time, my results were that they were 'on the fence' about letting me in, but still chose not to.

the thing they dont know is that if i quit flute/drop out, i want to do it the honourable way. i want to get in, give my best efforts at a semester, and you know, if i fail miserably at my juries, then fine. ill take the hint and i quit. but i want to quit the honourable way.

getting in would sure be extreme motivation to practise even more.

right now im working on making my 2 pieces more musical. right now they just sound like notes, but ive got all the notes under my fingers. there are a couple challenging bars in each, but no piece is error proof/complication free. (well, unless i played a grade 1 piece).

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Done, here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irTkM4KJioQ

(Like I (think) I said earlier, I found out I'm supposed to choose one, I chose that one)

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YAY! Congrats!

I too just got news about a competition I was in. I placed 3rd [which is still good... the cash prize was nice] in the Josephine Walker American Music Competition. A friend and I played the duet "Airheads" by Gary Schocker. Fun little piece.


Good job! I know you worked hard. :D

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Congrats to you both! :D

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I think the best thing to do is to play it all the way through without stopping. Even if that means "fudging" through stuff. This will give you a feel as to specific sections that you need to work on. I like to put some of those mini colorful sticky notes around the hard sections. This forces my eyes to go to the tricky sections. I sometimes find that this motivates me to stick to the parts that need the most work. PLus, if you cover up some of teh easier parts, you won't be tempted to waste your time on those. Practice slowly. Even though you may think that will take more time, it won't. You will get your fingers into musle memory mode and things wil seem easy when you speed it up.
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