I was looking for some tempo suggestions

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I was looking for some tempo suggestions

Post by Mandera3 »

I am looking for some tempo suggestions for the Chaminade Concertino and the Mozart Concerto in G. Thanks
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Post by fluteguy18 »

When I play the Chaminade, my opening tempo floats between 76-82. At the Vivo section, I generally play it between 88-92. I play the presto at the end at about 132-138. For the Mozart, I generally play it between 115-126. These tempos are set equal to the quarter note.

Keep in mind however, these are the tempos that I play at. This does not neccissarily mean that you must play them at these tempos.

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Post by smurph »

For Chaminade, I played the beginning at around 66 bpm, the vivo at around 112 bpm, and the ending around 140 bpm. And btw it's Concertino not Concerto......

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