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Post by FLflutist »

I just recently had one...

I play in my City's concert band and we just recently had our Holiday concert... about 1/4th way into the concert we had finished a song and I had been playing picc on it and my flute was on my flute stand. Our director acknowledged the flute section for the song and told us to stand up... so as I'm getting ready to sit down to start the next song I accidently hit my flute, it falls and the headjoint hits the french horn player's music stand behind me..

It left such a nasty dent in my headjoint...

I got it fixed the next day... but it was one of those moments where you're extremely embarrassed and horrified for your flute at the same time ><

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Post by smurph »

This isn't my doh!! moment, but my ex-friend was twirling her flute and her headjoint was very loose. She was like look at this, and the moment that I turned her headjoint went flying 40 feet and landed in a tree... It was horrible.

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