The best thing about learning flute as adults??

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The best thing about learning flute as adults??

Post by christielea »

Learning flute as an adult I've found is completely different to learning as a school-aged kid.
It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking "I've left it too late"
But there's actually some awesome skills and maturity we bring to the table that we've honed over our lives that help us to accelerate the learning process.

There's some listed here

But I bet there's HEAPS MORE

In your experience, what's been the greatest benefit/ or difference between learning as an adult vs learning at school??

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Re: The best thing about learning flute as adults??

Post by WeekendFlutist »

Hey christielea and everyone else,

Great Post subject! Although I once tried to pick the flute back up as an adult I now once again am trying to do so, but with a little more forethought this time.
As the link in the OP mentions the internet is a huge 1Up. But this benefit is more of "the times" and not of age.
As a kid, I would learn to play the pieces, but as an adult I now understand the importance of knowing the scales and the theory of music. Granted I was never made to play and the only formal training I had was 2 school years from an elementary music teacher once a week. I'm basically self taught after that.

As a kid you learn how to respect your instrument but as an adult you learn to properly care and maintenance for it. In fact I just did my first repadding. I would have never been able to do that as a kid. The amount of patience, attention to detail and how to figuring out where the shims where needed...

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Re: The best thing about learning flute as adults??

Post by flybears »

as a child playing an instrument was often just another chore ... as an adult I play for fun ... I pay for my own lessons and see the value of it. I know why I should practice, and approach the boring parts like music theory much differently.
I think as an adult learner I am just more relaxed. I really don't care to impress anyone, I can laugh about my horrible tone and I have an easier time to ask for help. There is no pressure and I am not trying to become a professional, pass grades, make it into band... There is something relaxing about just enjoying to play regardless of skill. I joke with my teacher a lot- playing just for fun is ... great!

I started to learn with my daughter and we both enjoy doing this together - it is quite amazing how motivating it is for a child to see a parent struggle with them rather than just be the " enforcer of practice time" :lol:

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