waveline flute for an adult?

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waveline flute for an adult?

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My daughter started playing the flute and I have started to practice with her. I fell in love and have been " borrowing" my daughters small Jupiter protege (it is the smallest model with a curved head which we bought second hand).
I decided I need my own flute so we can practice together. I tried out several normal sized concert flutes and it just doesn't work. I have an old wrist injury - with a metal plate and it seems that a " normal" flute gets my wrist in a very uncomfortable position resulting in pain even after a short time. I have short fingers and short arms as well which doesn't help matters.

I have been looking at curved head joints and also waveline/d-curved flutes

Jupiter has two models: the tiny D foot ( missing trill keys to save weight) and then a c foot model that has a split E and trill key ( essentially a normal flute just shorter which might be a good option)

The same store also has an Azumi waveline WLVC ( o joint, c foot) on clearance which has slightly larger finger spacing than the small Jupiter ( but still smaller than a concert flute), C foot but without trill or split E. I loved this one ... no pain, still lightweight, much easier to reach all keys pain free- but the store clerk thinks I would surely not want a " kids' flute missing a trill key.

I tried a curved headjoint on several different Yamaha flutes but it wasn't nearly as comfortable as the wave models and seemed just off balance.

I am a complete novice - our flute teacher thinks I could live a long time without the extra keys and mechanics and that the Azumi flute would likely be better quality. The Jupiter is closest to a " normal" flute. Both models - the Jupiter and Azumi are the same price.

Does anyone here have experience with either model? Any thoughts or advice as far as quality goes? Any other adults here playing on a curved flute?

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