Playing outside in the cold - bad for instrument?

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Playing outside in the cold - bad for instrument?

Post by blowtorch711 »

It's Christmastime, and a bit cold where I live (temps are currently right around freezing - it's snowing lightly here on Christmas Eve). I've never played outside before, but thought of maybe going out and playing some Christmas songs. I would avoid being in active precipitation - no standing out in a blizzard and playing - but figured maybe I'd find a sheltered spot to play in.

I know it'll be different/challenging for me (chapped lips, cold air in the lungs, freezing fingers, etc.). My primary concern is - do I risk damaging my flute by taking it out in the freezing cold air? I'll deal with cold fingers, etc., just don't want to wreck my pads or some other unexpected problem.

Thanks - and Merry Christmas to all!

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Re: Playing outside in the cold - bad for instrument?

Post by SylvreKat »

I'm not a technician or repairman, so take my opinion for exactly what it is.

Having established that, based on my own history of guerrilla band-playing including playing outside for the Dead Tree (aka that year's White House National Christmas Tree) at some obscenely late hour in what quite possibly was the coldest night KS ever had since the Ice Age, I would say that cold won't hurt your flute. Just be sure to swab it out thoroughly when you're done so no moisture can freeze before you get it home into warmth.

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