Di Zhao 700 vs Sankyo 201, your thoughts?

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Di Zhao 700 vs Sankyo 201, your thoughts?

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I'm taking these flutes out on trial right now, after going into a shop and trying many other flutes.
I can't decide between the two.
The Di Zhao is cheaper, but has more silver than Sankyo. It has a more clear and crisp tone but has just slightly shriller high notes than Sankyo and I feel like Sankyo can produce a louder sound and is just better with dynamics in general.
Im hesitant to get the Sankyo because I feel that it's a bit overpriced. I want to choose Di Zhao because it has more solid silver.
The Sankyo and Di Zhao are still close though, I can't decide. I want to know if anyone here knows which one is sturdier or has better mechanism. For some reason I for some reason feel like I'll outgrow the Di Zhao sooner since it's more of an intermediate flute and Sankyo seems more professional, but I could be wrong. From what I know, Di Zhao has been around for less time.
I like both but I can't decide, I don't know if Sankyo is worth it. I may go back for the Amadeus 900 thatI tried but didn't take home for trial. It was more resistant than Di Zhao and Sankyo but was still good in general and overall had a good feel to the keys, I feel like the keys on Di Zhao are a bit thin and I think the spacing on Sanyo's keys are a bit different. (a random thing i don't like about the Di Zhao is the case and cover, its kind of a turn off. The case is heavy, opens kind of stiffly and theres no zipper pocket on the case cover which i would have liked. to be honest the case cover looks like an ugly handbag compared to the Sankyo which has a case cover more similar to the Amadeus line case covers. It has the nice zipper pocket and the french case for the Sankyo opens more smoothly... but it's not as important and probably doesn't matter lol)

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