Skipped On My Chance To Learn Flute

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Skipped On My Chance To Learn Flute

Post by Fulwin »

Back in junior high school, I wanted to play the flute, but I ended up choosing trumpet because I was afraid of being made fun of for playing "a girl's instrument." Now I'm in college and recently realized how much I missed out. So I got to thinking maybe I should learn flute now, but would it be a waste? I mean I have no one to play with now, and I'll be through with college before I could fully learn. So is there a point?

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Post by pied_piper »

The point is: If you want to do it, GO FOR IT!!!!

There'll be opportunities to play with others after you get the basics down. Since you already know how to read music, you'll be that much further ahead. You can concentrate on the embouchure, tone, and fingerings since you won't need to spend as much time on the basics of reading notes.

I would strongly encourage studying with a teacher who can help you get started right and avoid picking up any bad habits.
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Post by flutepicc06 »

Pied Piper is right. There are plenty of oppoprtunities to play (and perform) with others, regardless of your level. Most areas have community bands that you could look into, perhaps you could find (or found) a flute choir in your area, and if you work with a private teacher (which I would also STRONGLY encourage), odds are they will be able to help you find places to play. I may be (okay....So I definitely am) a little biased, but I NEVER think it's a waste to learn to play the flute! I say go for it, especially since you've been interested in it for so long.

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Gender instruments

Post by mattyacht »

I played the tuba in Junior and High school. In 1976 I went to a Bicentennial concert and I heard 12 piccolo players play "Stars and stripes for ever". I was hooked. I borrowed the school piccolo and learned on that. Just out of fun I challenged for a chair in the flute section and surprised myself and the band director placing 5th chair. Yes I did get teased a little but that's their problem. I think society has a major problem assigning a gender to musical instruments. If I could play with a group today, it would be flute and picc. I'm just fascinated with the craftsmanship and precision required in the production of flutes and piccs.
I say GO FOR IT!!!

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Post by totallylost202 »

I think there's a point. :)

I'm 18 and have just finished high school (I was in Year 13 or as they say in the US, 12th Grade). I only just picked up a flute a few months back, I've never played an instrument before and people looked at me a bit strangely, like 'why are you learning to play the flute now?'

An instrument is great, whatever age you are. You already know how to read music so you will be at an advantage. It will take you a while but it's a great hobby and if you find a private tutor and maybe a band, it'll be even better and help you realise that you're maybe not alone. ;)

My brother got a guitar for his 16th birthday, he picked it up pretty quickly and by the time he was 17/18 he was in his first band. Now he's 21 and hopefully his band will be big! ;) So, you see... loads of people pick instruments up late. I did and my brother did (however he was at an advantage as he'd had 8 years of electronic organ lessons, is pitch perfect and obviously can read music ;)). You don't have to already be a guitar pro at age 10 or whatever to make it big in a rock band 10 years later - my brother is proof of that. We weren't all having lessons at age 5 in some sort of instrument or other and it's never too late to start. You've always wanted to play the flute, so go for it! ;)

Wow... long post. Hi, by the way. I'm new here. ;)
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