What pieces are you learning?

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fluteguy18 wrote:I do like it quite a bit. I have already learned the Cantabile part, but havent started on the Presto portion. hmmm...... decisions decisions....

in my opinion the cantabile portion of that peice is harder

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Yeah, that's way old. I ended up not learning the rest of that piece until this semester. I put it away and didn't work on it forever. But when I learned it, it only took me 45 minutes to get the whole thing in my fingers.

My current repertoire: Mozart Concerto in D Major, Jolivet's Chant de Linos (both are for a masterclass workshop with Christina Jennings, Leone Buyse and Jean Ferrandis that I'm doing next week).

I will soon be working up a lot of solo flute pieces and will go 'on tour' to a bunch of retirement homes. I get performance experience and exposure that way. I'm also going to be working up the Ibert Concerto again this summer.

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Im working on Rupi's Dance by Ian Anderson :)
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Ilovetheflute wrote: Does anyone in this forum know about the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am going there next year to study with Christina Jennings.
How is that going for you now? Have you started yet?
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I am currently working on Reverie by Claude Debussy
and Piece en forme de Habanera by M. Ravel. I LOVE
de Habanera, but I am just beginning to learn Reverie.
I began yesterday - so far it sounds alful - but the piece is
soooo beautiful!!!

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Well it's summer so I've go nothing in my hands really...except for:

Sonata in E Major by Bach
Cantabile et Presto by Enesco, not too hard of a piece and learning on my own, b/c I feel like it, haha.

And I finished Ballade by Perilhou, Fantasie by Faure (for competition, lovely piece but it has its tricks...ugh), and Bach sonata in e minor.

I think I will be starting Concertino by Chaminade very soon. Hopefully Mozart Concerto in G Major or D major. I like the D major better, though. I've got a whole list of pieces I want to start like: Gaubert's Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando, Taffanel's Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino (sp?), and Reinecke's Sonata "Undine"

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I'm working on the Telemann Fantasies. They are so much fun! I am also working on several Bach Sonatas. I prefer Baroque to anything else, but I'm also playing around with Syrinx. There are few contemporary pieces that I like, but that one is haunting.

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I'm new here so hi eveyone! :D

I'm learning Mozart's Andante in C and Ian Clake's Sunstreams for a flute course i'm going on in August. So excited!!! :D
I'm also doing the third movement of Mozart's concerto in G major (defintely recomend it remnantpark and also the D major - i loved the second movement so much it ended up being my GCSE perfomance piece!), Danzi; concerto in D minor, Stamiz; Allegro and loads of other things too! I really like a piece called Summer was in August and Mozart's Rondo in D major that i want to learn next.

I literally started learning Concertino by Charminade yesterday!! It's so much fun to play! :D

foreverflutes xx

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I am learning the Concertino too right now...

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