Hello old friend

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Hello old friend

Post by Brennan »

Hello everyone!

So I've just recently picked a flute up after just about 20 years (give or take a month or two). I was helping a cousin move and discovered he has a pile of instruments which included a couple flutes. Something inside me screamed that I needed to borrow one.

That was a couple of weeks ago, trying to work practice into my daily routine is a little difficult what with me having "grown-up" tasks to see to on a daily basis. Usually after I get the tiny humans to sleep and before I go to bed has been working out best.

Things I remember so far: getting my tone right, embochure, posture, fingering is coming back fairly quickly, and C Major is the only scale that truly stuck in my memory (Thanks Sound of Music). I've been working on learning more scales and fiddling around with not necessarily super basic songs, but things that interest me to play (Bourree transposed for flute (E-Maj from Flutetunes.com as well as Ian Anderson's version), video game songs from flutetunes.com and anything else that inspires me to keep playing).

Things I know I need work on: maintaining good tone (this may not be all me, I'm not sure how long this flute has been sitting in its case or when it was last serviced, likely somewhere in the neighborhood of decades), learning scales, increasing music theory knowledge (I remember a lot more than I thought, but I want to know more to make sight reading that much easier).

Questions I have:
Are there any tips all of you could offer with regard to a good practice routine?
Money is tight and I cannot afford a private teacher, might there be any alternatives you could recommend?
What online resources can you recommend to aid me in improving my skill in both playing and theory?

Thanks everyone for your time! I'm really happy to be playing again!

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Re: Hello old friend

Post by Classitar »

Glad to hear that Brennan!

Are you able to get some practice time in?


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