Continuing flute?

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Continuing flute?

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So right now my band really sucks. Last year I was the only one out of the whole school to make region orchestra, and no one came close. This year we have about 3 other kids that are pretty good, and they understand how I feel, but there's not enough kids to make a difference in the band. I used to really want to continue band into high school, (I wouldn't be able to march as I do too many other activities, so I'd only do concert :P ) but now I just don't really care for it anymore. The high school bad director also really, really wants me to continue in band. But I'm not feeling like it's worth it. Because I thought this year would be a really good year in band but... :( I don't know if this band is going to keep my interest like it should've.

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Re: Continuing flute?

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You do not have to limit your playing experience to school. Seek out playing at a church, community band/orchestra, garage band/group, open mic/jam sessions, small performance groups, etc... as your school work and time permits.

When I was in junior/senior highschool, that is what i did. Most of my musical activities would outside of school. I even landed quite a bit of work doing recording sessions!!

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