2013-2014 Virtual Flute Choir

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2013-2014 Virtual Flute Choir

Post by pied_piper »

Last year, I joined the Virtual Flute Choir. Flutists from the USA and around the world participated. Each flutist had to watch and listen to a recording of the conductor then make a video of themselves playing one of the parts. I chose to play the alto flute part. The videos were sent to the Virtual Flute Choir and they stitched the audio and video of each flutist together to create a virtual performance. The finished performance was finally released a few days ago. I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: 2013-2014 Virtual Flute Choir

Post by LuRPh »

So cool! Thanks for sharing this!

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Re: 2013-2014 Virtual Flute Choir

Post by Zevang »

Amazing! I wish I were there too! Next time...

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Re: 2013-2014 Virtual Flute Choir

Post by kmbrly »

What a wonderful concept beautifully executed!

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