B foot or C foot

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B foot or C foot

Post by Doubler »

I'm lookin to get a new open holed flute and was wondering what the difference was in the b foor and c foot and which one is best reccomened.
Thanks :)
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Post by damjan »

B foot would be my choice for several reasons:

- the harder and more advanced the repertoire gets, more of a chance you will have to use the low B, as it is a standard note in flute repertoire
- in my oppinion, the extra length of the tube makes the other notes sound better and more resonant
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Post by amhso »

they usually dont charge you for the extra key either when buying a flute...so you might as well get the extra key for when you need it.

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Post by flutegurl2009 »

Defininitly get the B foot. You will have much more of a range if you have the B foot. Just a thought.

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Post by nii_neko »

Yeh, you should get be foot, cuz you could go lower AND higher, I want one, but I dont know where to get one...

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Post by flutepicc06 »

The best way to decide is to consider what you plan to do with your playing. Low B's are found primarily in orchestral, and modern solo pieces, so if you are just going to be playing for your own enjoyment, you may not find it necessary to have a low B footjoint. The Low B tends to offer slightly more resonance, and a slightly better in tune 3rd octave, while the C foot allows the playing of high notes with greater ease. And unfortunately, flute makers do tend to charge more for a Low B foot than a C foot, as it requires extra material and time to make. Keep in mind though, that the Low B only offers 1/2 step more range. Other than low B, the same pitches (even into the 4th octave) can be played on both a B and C footed instrument. I personally play a B-foot flute.

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