Offset G for long fingers

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Offset G for long fingers

Post by chengerz »

I've very long fingers, and I'm wondering whether to order a flute with an inline or offset G; I've heard offset g keys are meant for people with smaller hands. The flute I tried at the flute fair all had offset g keys, and I liked the feel of them. Would it pose a long-term problem for people with big hands (in other words, would I be safer off getting an inline g)? This flute's going to be with me for the rest of my life, so I don't want to mess things up for the sake of one little key.

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Re: Offset G for long fingers

Post by pied_piper »

I prefer the inline G, but I have longer fingers and have played both with equal ease. Usually, most people have no issues with offset G, but those with smaller hands/fingers may find inline G to be uncomfortable.
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Re: Offset G for long fingers

Post by evrmre »

I've swapped between them myself. I have big hands, but shorter fingers. From what I understand, it is simply comfort. The offset G is perhaps a little like having an ergonomic keyboard for your computer, from what I can see. Probably better for you, but not enough in it to really matter if you prefer the inline G. So if you like the offset, I'd go for it...

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Re: Offset G for long fingers

Post by fluteguy18 »

Here's an idea....

Find any generic flute of both types. Feel which one fits your hands best and then go from there.

I personally play with offset. But with that being said I have fairly small hands, tiny fingers (I wear a 7.5 wedding ring which is TINY for a guy), and I also have extensive problems with performance injuries. I know some people that have absolutely NO trouble with inline as well. Having worked for a flute store recently I will tell you that about 98% of all flute sales right now are with offset g keys simply because the two options are acoustically identical and most flute players think offset is more comfortable in a blind test.

Also Boehm originally designed the flute to be offset and Louis Lot came up with the inline system to cut corners in the manufacturing process.

But seriously.... try both and go with what feels the best.

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