What is Your Gender?

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Post by MrBaz »

As my name implies, male. 8)

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Post by smurph »

I am a female....

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Post by concertpianist16 »

Male. I think that guys can play flute just as good as girls.
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Post by fluterguy »

im a guy (points to name) and i am in 8th grade and already better than the high school flute players i have found that generally the male flute players are sometimes really good because they have to overcome the stereotype and prove that they well ....ROCk and in not trying to brag

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Post by Flutesrockok »

I think that the flute is often thought of as a 'female instrument', although the best flautist I know is male! I think it matters how well you play an instrument, not what gender you are.
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Re: What is Your Gender?

Post by Delzoun »

:mrgreen: Only male student flautist in almost all of my state. There may be one more. :3

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Re: What is Your Gender?

Post by PiccoloBoy14 »

Male(as name implies). Only one at school but I have plenty of male flute friends. Everyone always stares at the marching competitions when I (a 6' 1" 245lb male) walk past them with my piccolo in hand. I hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE, to brag. But I am by far and large the best player of the flute at my high school. And that's out of 32, the other 31 of which are female.

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Re: What is Your Gender?

Post by Morne »

I'm a guy.
My current teacher is a guy as well.
And my best friend who plays flute is also a guy.
My teachers in elementary school and high school were both guys too.
I was the only one in high school who took music as a full subject with flute as my instrument. There were other guys who played in band though. (I went to an all-boys school, back in my home country , South Africa.)
Here in Korea there are loads of guys who play flute.
M ^^

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