Julliard Auditions (Help with music choices!!!!!)

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Julliard Auditions (Help with music choices!!!!!)

Post by SilverwindWicca2007 »

Alright, so I'm a Junior in High School this year, and I want to try for Julliard next year. My flute instrutor's one of the best in the country (I was sooooo lucky to get her!!!) And she says I should start working on an audition solo NOW. She said to find something really personal, that's in tune with my soul, and I'm thinking about one of the German Arias that are so beautiful yet mlancholy, or something that would bring out my Celtic soul. But she also said to find a piece that fits with my personality AND shows off my tongue and finger techniques, and THATS where I'm lost. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for a song that's dark and romantically moody, fairly slow, so it desplays my tone, vibrato, and emotions; and for a song that's more fun/flirty/Irish-Jiggish that has some really wicked finger stuff. I'd seriously love some help...
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Post by AG950Flute »

I thought I'd reply to a couple of your questions about repertoire in terms of auditioning for Juilliard. It's a good idea to start thinking about repertoire even though you're only a Junior. Time goes by quickly, and by your senior year you will overwhelmed. In regards to repertoire options. Unfortunately, what you would like to play for them does not sound like it will work. I've auditioned twice for Juilliard (once for my undergrad and once for my masters), and their requirements for repertoire are somewhat limited. They require a preliminary audition tape, and from that invite a limited number of people out to audition. This taped round usually requires the exposition of a Mozart concerto, a French piece, possibly a movement from a Bach sonata, and excerpts. They may even list recommended French pieces, and usually have a few orchestral excerpts to choose from. But generally speaking you want to follow these guidelines very carefully. You may want to contact the school this year and request a school bulletin as well as an audition packet just so you can be prepared for your senior year of high school. Another thing, the preliminary tape is usually due by Dec 1 and live auditions are in March.
I don't mean to sound discouraging, but definately keep your options open and look into other schools besides Juilliard. Their admissions process is notorious for being very political, and often the people that get accepted are ones that the teachers already know and have worked with. It is a good idea to try and schedule a lesson with one of the teachers before you audition, and the best time is your junior year. A word of warning, those lessons will be extremely expensive some charge upwards of $150-200 for an hour.
Let me know if you have any other questions and I will see if I can help you.

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