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Hi everyone.
My question is in regards to piccolo. I've been playing flute for about a year now. Currently I have my flute in the shop for servicing (new pads, tuning cork etc) and have picked up the piccolo that my wife played in the past. I can only really play up to middle F sometimes G but can't go higher yet. I know it took my a while on the flute to get higher and higher and just took practice. Im guessing same is true for piccolo but is where I am at now expected with where I am with the flute? Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Piccolo

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The piccolo requires a more focused embouchure than the flute. Not tense or tight, but focused. By that I mean that the embouchure opening must be smaller than on flute. You also must place the piccolo a bit higher up because the diameter of the piccolo is smaller than flute.

Practice lots of long tones. Start on the lowest note you can play with a good sound and make adjustments to the embouchure and position of the piccolo on the lower lip to make the best possible sound. Then go up a half step and repeat. With time, you will be able to expand your range upward.
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