Timing Question - John Rutter, Suite Antique

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Timing Question - John Rutter, Suite Antique

Post by sarah_and_flute »

I wasn't sure where this post should go, so I'm sorry if it's in the right place!

There's a big competition where I live, and the first rounds are next February. I'm going for it, and I have to prepare a concert programme lasting 8 minutes. I've decided to play the Suite Antique, by Rutter, but I can't find any timings for it! I know it's too long for me to play it all, but I'd like to know what movements of it I can play.

Do any of you know how long each movement lasts? Any help would be much appreciated!


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Post by nicki_flute »

All I can help you with is that overall it lasts 16 minutes :)

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