Warming Up?

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Warming Up?

Post by damjan »

How to warm up when you are on the stage and cannot have a
"brake in" period? 1. First warm up the flute by only blowing air through it
(through the mouthpiece) - it will warm up the flute and raise the pitch to
where it will be during the performance 2. Move your fingers around freely to
get them working 3. Workout your lips to warm them up by pretending to blow
quietly and putting pressure on the lips Any other suggestions?
Damjan, --- Fluteland.com Teacher

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Warming Up?

Post by Starqle »

Don't forget to take several deep, deep breaths to warm-up
your lungs.
Martin Quin

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Warming Up?

Post by Cass »

I like to buzz my lips, too, to get blood circulating. Turn
your back to the audience if you have to, it's all good. Try buzzing and
singing at the same time if you can, too. Cass <><
Cass <><

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Warming Up?

Post by __ricky »

I also like to play a warm-up line we learned in school...
All half notes...b=flat...R=2 beats of rest... F bE F R F E F R F D F
R.......and so on, though the crmatic scale... [:)] [:)] [:)] [:)] [:)]

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Warming Up?

Post by mismatched crayon »

Hey, the exercise you're talking about is one that we play
too! It's only title is 'Exercise 1A!' Also, when warming up, if you get a
chance to play, I suggest F concert scale descending [one octave], first with 8
counts, then 4, 2, 1 and so on. [:bigsmile:]

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