Which piece is more difficult?

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Which piece is more difficult?

Post by Justine »

Mozart Concerto in G or in D?

I've listened to both (because I have to learn one for an audition), and to me it sounds like D is a bit more challenging. What's your opinion? Also, which one do you personally like better?
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Post by fluteguy18 »

It depends. G is usually considered to be more technical, but D is considered to have more challenges in regard to phrasing. Or at least... that is my opinion from when I learned both of them. Either way, both are very well known, and have to be played spotlessly.

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Post by Ilovetheflute »

Both are pretty much equally difficult. I mean......it's Mozart!

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Post by Christina's_Mom »

I personally think G is the easier one. My favorite one in those lines in hearing is the Concerto in D. I also like the 3rd movement in Concerto in C.
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