The Goldfinch

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The Goldfinch

Post by naflute10 »

I am challenging for this piece in my orchestra, and I was hoping for some tips! How do you do the 32nd notes from A to D? And any tips in general are wanted!

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Post by vampav8trix »


I have never played it but here is how you can figure out how to count it out if you are having problems with that part.

I will try to explain how to figure out a complex rhythm. I majored in percussion in college and I had a fantastic instructor.

First take the music and slow it way down.

Write out how you would count the rhythm below the notes.

Get out the metronome and make it painfully slow and count out loud the whole measure emphasizing the beat when you actually play.

Then try singing the measure.

I don't have anyway of drawing a staff so you need to imagine this counting system taking place on one beat.

1 whole note= 1 /or one
2 eighth notes= 1 an /or milkshake
3 eighth notes is a tripolet= 1 o let /or tripolet
4 sixteenth notes = 1 de an da /or mississipppi
5 sixteenth notes = 1 te de an da / or hippopotamus
6 sixteenth notes = 1 o let an o let /0r onomatopoeia
7 sixteenth notes = 1 te de de an ta da / or barbaque potatochip
8 thritysecond notes= 1 de and a and de and a / or supercalafrangalistic
9 thirtysecond notes= 1 te de an ta da an ta da / or antiestablishmentarian

I hope that this can help you. It is the only why I can explain it. I don't have a program to write the music out to show it to you.

Since you have 32nd notes in the measure. Write out the whole measure using 32nd note counting.

If you have fingering questions, I can't help you there. I have only been playing flute again for 4 or 5 months.

Good luck

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Post by atoriphile »

I play them using the regular fingerings. Also, it should sound like a bird (obviously!).

Good luck!

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Post by sidekicker »

I, too, use the normal fingerings.


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Post by naflute10 »

thank you!

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Post by Mandera3 »

hold on to the A slightlly longer than the rest of the notes and just kind of glide up. I usually think of a bird taking flight.
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