Dvorak 8 4th movement solo

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Dvorak 8 4th movement solo

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Any tips on where to breathe in this solo? Also, any fingerings to make the second part of the solo any easier? My fingers just don't want to sort themselves out that fast.

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Re: Dvorak 8 4th movement solo

Post by ubite »

I tend to breathe a lot, so hopefully you don't have to take as many breaths as me! But I played this for an audition and I breathed after the D in measure 74, the B in measure 79, optionally the E in measure 81 (and repeat), the D in measure 82, the F# in measure 85, and the eighth note C in measure 88. I also recommend playing it faster than marked--I played it anywhere from quarter note equals 132 to 136. Experiment with right hand middle finger F#s in measures 86-87. Good luck!

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