Comprehensive exercise books?

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Comprehensive exercise books?

Post by jjjessecj »

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anybody knew of any really good exercise books for flute? Ones that range from intermediate exercises to more advanced ones?
I really need a comprehensive one that covers exercises for: single tonguing,double tonguing, tone production, scales, arpeggios, finger exercises for dexterity, tuning, etc. etc...
So basically just a book that covers it all!
If anybody knows of any like this, or ones that they would generally recommend, please let me know!
Thanks :D

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Re: Comprehensive exercise books?

Post by pied_piper »

Take a look at the Trevor Wye series of study books. They range from beginner to advanced.
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Re: Comprehensive exercise books?

Post by Flatfive »

+1 on Trevor Wye. They will keep you going for years.
Steve J

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Re: Comprehensive exercise books?

Post by fluteguy18 »

Absolutely the trevor wye books. You can get it in a one volume 'omnibus' edition. Robert Stallman also has a book called the 'Flute Workout' that I really enjoy.

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