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College Auditions

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So, I am a music education major going in to my sophomore year of school. I was in my university's wind ensemble last year, but I still need to re-audition. I was right in the middle of the section last year. I know that I have improved and want to show that to our director in my audition. I have a little over a month, so now is the time to choose repertoire! Along with my full range major scales and 7 full range minors at 100 bpm, the director asks that we play short, contrasting selections. I am thinking of playing the opening of Gaubert's Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando for my lyrical choice (which is a little over 2 minutes long) and Karg Elert Caprice No. 12 for my technical selection (about 1 minute). Does this seem appropriate as audition music? I know you know nothing of my capabilities by simply reading this, but does this seem appropriate for a sophomore music ed major?

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Re: College Auditions

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Both are pretty well known repertoire and if played well would be good audition material. Good luck!

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Re: College Auditions

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I agree. If played well they should be adequate to demonstrate breadth of skill and style. I usually choose a baroque/classical and pair it with a late romatic era piece, but that's for orchestral auditions. There's repertoire from those periods for that kind of ensemble. There's not much of anything for a wind ensemble from anything earlier than the late 1800's unless it's a chamber ensemble. So, in short, I agree. Fair selections if executed well. If executed poorly it could be seen as either overly ambitious or lacking effort/skill depending on your school and specific musical culture/environment.

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