Accompaniment CD's for Advanced Repertoire

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Accompaniment CD's for Advanced Repertoire

Post by Flautab »


Has anyone had success with the flute accompaniment CD's?
If so, do you have any recommendations?

I have been working on the Prokofiev Sonata as well as multiple songs from the Flute Music by French Composers book. I have found that there are piano accompaniment CD's out there for these pieces.

Is it worth my money to purchase these?

I have also found some for the Mozart concertos?

Has anyone tried these out?


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Re: Accompaniment CD's for Advanced Repertoire

Post by MissyHPhoenix »

I'd be interested in an opinion also. Thought about purchasing before but never got around to it.

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Re: Accompaniment CD's for Advanced Repertoire

Post by fluteguy18 »

I think it depends on what you're going after. With a CD you're slave to the tempo of the pianist whereas a live pianist would be able to collaborate with you. The CDs do however provide an excellent score study reference, something to practice with that would demand tempo accountability, and the ability to get accustomed to playing with accompaniment if you are not used to doing so. So for me, it's a mixed bag really. They have definite advantages and definite disadvantages. I personally don't use them but then again I'm married to a pianist.... 8)

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