Semi-professional flute upgrade for an amateur player

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Semi-professional flute upgrade for an amateur player

Post by sogu »

Im new to this Message board. Im an amateur, self-taught flute player. I have been playing the flute for nearly 8 years. I have been playing a Gemeinhardt 3SHB for the last 8 years ( I play mostly for myself and my family, nobody else hears me play). Its around 70% classical music and 30% playing by the ear(mostly Indian movie music). At least for the 30% part, I need to do glissando's on almost every bar of music. I have also played the Indian bamboo flute( where a slide on every interval is possible) in the past, but Im not deep rooted in Indian classical and mostly grew up with Western classical. But still, Im more exposed to the glissando-heavy Indian music than the average player on this forum. My ring fingers were short for the inline G, so I sold my Gemeinhardt and I'm looking for a new upgraded model. I tried out a Azumi AZ2 and the AZ3 and they were both better than a Gemeinhardt 3OSB. So it seems like the maker has to do a lot !!!!!!. I like the c# trill key in the AZ3. If I want the c# trill key and my budget is around 1K-1.5K$ (new or used), and Im able to tell the tonal differences very well, what are my options ?

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Re: Semi-professional flute upgrade for an amateur player

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Are you working with an instructor or a friend who has the sound you are looking for. The best part about looking for a flute is trying them out. You know, it's kind of the ol' "It's the journey that brings you joy" thang. Let me know if I can help.
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Re: Semi-professional flute upgrade for an amateur player

Post by amoretto »

In your price range the best flutes available would be used Yamaha 500 series or Altus 800 series flutes.

Any of the Taiwan "intermediate" flutes will be better than your Gemeinhardt, but you're not getting that much of a better flute.

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