Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings, Using Metronomes, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Post by martin »

Yamaha has been around for a while, we all know that. I like the
Yamaha flute as I find it quite compromising. Dust, kicks, humidity, rust...
doesn''t seem to bother it too much. I play a YFL 24S. That''s old. Very
old. I''m pitching for a YFL 61. I trust the old ones more than the expensive
new models. Does anyone know when the 200 series got started in the history of
Yamaha flute production? 285S for example. I''d like to know the difference
between a 285SII and a 285S.. I''d appreciate any input.. --Martin

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Post by porschia28 »

i myself have a YFL 481H and have loved it ever since i've
gotten it last year. it is the newer model. but i am not familiar wwith the
285.. or the 61.. for information though, you can go to www.yamaha.com ~~good

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Post by FluteMasterGuy »

I own the 285SII, but i don't know anything about the 285S
itself. I know for a fact that the 285SII is the best student flute for the
Yamaha brand. C foot Inline G silver plated opened holed

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Post by Penny »

Yamaha tells me all their flutes of a level are equal. SO there
is no "best" of the 200 or student level flutes. Only different features. So it
depends if you want open or closed, split e or not, offset or inline as to which
is "Best" for you. But all are equal in quality and sound. Yamaha also says
feature changes in the newer models make them better than the older ones. Stay
in tune longer, and accross the scale better too. Quality control is another
thing and probably where the people that like the old ones better hang their hat
because the improvements were made on the track record of the old ones. The
newer upper series now end in 4 indicating an "improved" scale from what their
literature says. In reality student level flutes are more about taking abuse and
minimum repair and maintenance than they are quality of sound and Yamaha is very
good at making a student flute that takes a beating and stays useful. But sound
wise they tell me there really isn't much to talk about until the 500 series.
Personally I think the all silver 400 series sound better than the student ones
but the big difference is in the 674 which I heard played just beautifully, or
maybe it was just the player [;)] [;)]

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