2nd octave...

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2nd octave...

Post by icy_flutist »

hi..i just started playing the flute about three weeks ago...i can
play notes from C1 to D2, but anything above i cant play! i can play higher
notes where u change the fingers, like A3 or G3 (like its not the same fingering
as the lowest octave) ive seen from other posts that i should tighten my
embouchure and blow faster, but it doesnt seem to work...any tips?

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2nd octave...

Post by Dixon »

do not tighten but make it smaller and yes make the air
stream faster. It can take time until you work it out. Tight is never good.
Tight was taught at one time but some methods but that is pretty much been
abandoned. Smaller hole same air passing through has to go faster, faster air
higher octave. Make sure when you change your embouchure to make the smaller
opening that your airstream still hits the correct place.

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2nd octave...

Post by Cleartone »

a good exercise is to start out playing a low C and play
all the overtones you can while still holding the same fingering. This will get
your lips adjusted to playing higher notes. do the same with low D and so on and
so forth. Also play a c scale slowly upwards until you reach the area you are
having trouble with. keep playing this scale slowly and think this will be the
time I will hit that note. once you hit a new note go for the next one. do not
try to play higher than the note that is the top most part of your range until
you have hit it at least once using this scale system. next time you practice
try it again.

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2nd octave...

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

It's not so much of making the air stream smaller as it
is making sure all of the air gets into the tone hole. Also, try not to overblow
(blowing to forcefully). If your trying to play E3 I want to give you a head's
up, it's the hardest note to play accurately, in tune, and consistently on the
flute. I don't know why, but it's a trouble note (or at least a hard or out of
tune note) for many flute players. That is why they make facilitators and donuts
to make E3 easier to play.
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