Are "whistlers" the better Flutists ?

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings, Using Metronomes, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Benjahmin wrote:
Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:10 am

Did I say something wrong here ?

Over 50 "Views" but not a single comment .....
I hope I didn't insult the Tin-Whistlers amongst us with this question....

But isn't there anybody whistling on his Lips, using his/her mouth as an instrument itself and feels it helps a lot on flute Embouchure as well as on intonation ??

CAN'T imagine. I'm the only one to experience this.............

I peeked into the thread because I'm a Celtic musician, and I instantly thought you were talking about the Irish whistle... The fingering is basically the same as the flute, but I can't play one for the life of me. They require so much less air than a flute that I can't play one without overblowing it.

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Re: Are "whistlers" the better Flutists ?

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I am a Whistler ! I like to wistle songs too and sometimes whistle along with songs on the radio. Funny but I learned to whistle "crooked. "My whistling hole is slightly off center on my lips. Despite this I whistle well or at least have been told this by others.
Can you whistle and "hum" at the same time ? It is not true humming - more like vocalizing in your throat while whistling - saying ooohhh in your throat while whistling with your lips. Start regular whistling and add the vibrating ooohhh in your throat after. It's the best way to learn this. Try it it's fun !

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