I finally managed to get low C!

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I finally managed to get low C!

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I haven't touched my flute in ages,I kind of got despondent thinking it was leaky, but I had another go and something dawned on me. Basically when previously trying to play C I'd been only pressing down on the C roller, with my fingertip. I had a close look at the pad and saw it was fully closing, but the upstream pad (Db) showed a small gap, a leak. So I tried pressing both the C and Db rollers with the flat of my pinky and bingo!

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Re: I finally managed to get low C!

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If you get your flute serviced, you'll find lots of things much easier. There is nothing more frustrating to a new player than an instrument that is not working correctly. Even the tiniest of leaks can make the flute difficult to play.
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