Eye Glasses

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Eye Glasses

Post by Kathrynbeth67214 »

Hey there...

Now that I have gotten back into practicing the flute, I have discovered that I have developed a new problem and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice. I am TERRIBLY myoptic and I literally have to have whatever I am reading/writing/injecting/inserting... (I’m a RN)... about five inches away from my face. I have multifocal lenses that are supposed to help me with near vision and computer work but I still find myself looking over the frames of my glasses, and reading a computer screen is a nightmare!!! So... I have discovered that reading music on a stand is incredibly difficult. Depending on where I am at on the page, I am either standing up and looking over my frames, sitting down and trying to read the music through the bottom portion of my lenses, or somewhere in between. I’ll try to adjust the stand but it’s one of those flimsy wire stands and if it’s not my cats knocking it over because they want me to stop, it’s me knocking it over while trying to adjust it. IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Any suggestions/thoughts will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Eye Glasses

Post by pied_piper »

My ophthalmologist is also a musician, so he understands the needs of musicians. Every time my prescription changes he also writes a second prescription for "music glasses". The prescription is for progressive lenses that are optimized for reading music at an arms length away. You may want to discuss your problem with your doctor and see if he/she can do something similar to accommodate your needs.
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Re: Eye Glasses

Post by Kflutes »

I know this is an old post, & the original poster may have solved their problem, but thought I'd mention trying a desktop music stand, if you are having trouble with a regular floor standing one. 8)

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