Left Index Finger Tingling and Numbness

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Left Index Finger Tingling and Numbness

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Hi there...

Since I have gotten back into practicing the flute, I have noticed that my left index finger becomes quite numb and I have that horrible “pins and needles” sensation. When I played regularly in college and in the US Army Bands, I never had this problem. I have one of those Bo Pep flute saddles on my flute. Am I holding my flute incorrectly or am I just getting old?

Any thoughts, insights and/or advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Left Index Finger Tingling and Numbness

Post by pied_piper »

Most likely, you are just pressing the flute too hard with the left index finger. That will tend to diminish the blood circulation which can lead to the "pins and needles" sensation. Make a conscience effort to use less pressure to balance the flute and take more frequent breaks to promote blood circulation. Try it both with and without the BoPep to see if that makes a difference.
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