Pain in the left index

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Pain in the left index

Post by Pockocmoc »

Alright, I have a little thing to ask to you : did you have this kind of pain too?

Here is a small picture to show the exact location of my pain :

It's just before the articulation.

I always had this pain (for 10 years), but it's becoming harder and harder to ignore.
I feel like it is my finger extensor tendon that is over tense, you know, like if my index finger wasn't flexible enought...

My flute has inline-G. Maybe an Offset-G would help?
Did anyone have experienced a such problem?

Thanks, Pock'

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Re: Pain in the left index

Post by Saxoflute »

This is quite common and it has an easy fix, you can try adding cork or something similar on the top of the C key in order to relieve tension :D

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