Yet another returning player seeks advice . . .

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Yet another returning player seeks advice . . .

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I have a specific question. I have been practicing long tones with my headjoint and want to know at what point in regaining my skills I should switch to long tones with the whole flute? Any advice welcome, thanks!

Here's the background:
I want to get back into playing seriously, but all I need right now is to get back enough chops in a month to do a five-minute solo in a jam session for a jazz class I'm taking. I was a flute major at a conservatory for a year -- 40 years ago or so. I had a bad flute (though it was silver), bad breath control, and a not-great teacher, but I still managed to pass auditions, so I must have been ok. Since then I have had adult orthodontia, so my embouchure has completely changed. The good news is I bought a new flute that is much easier to play than my old one, and I have been doing choral singing the whole time so I can still breathe.

My tone doesn't have to be perfect in a month, but it does have to be credible (these are jazz majors I'm jamming with). I recently took one lesson with a great teacher who basically said I knew enough to get through on my own but to start with long tones on the headjoint. I've been doing that, but at some point I need to start the long tones with the whole flute. So, when?

So that's the long version of the question. Once again, any advice welcome!

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Re: Yet another returning player seeks advice . . .

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Stop over-thinking and just play! You know what to do :D

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