Want to apply flute practice regimen to harmonica

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Want to apply flute practice regimen to harmonica

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Hello, am looking for a practice regimen that I can apply to chromatic harmonica, whose range (depending on model) is close to or exactly the same as the flute (middle C is the lowest note on a standard 12 hole chromatic, and there are 3 C's above it.)

The problem is that the instrument isn't taught seriously except for a few places, and there is no good chromatic method book that takes you systematically through the instrument. I've worked my way through a recorder (the wood flute) method but now I need some exercise and for someone to tell me "play 3 different scales every day for 30 minutes, arpeggios for 20 minutes, etc." or whatever you might recommend, and then I need some graded repertoire -- classical is fine so long as it increases gradually in difficulty.

If anyone can suggest how you would go about guiding a high-beginner on flute so as to improve technique and repertoire gradually, I would be very grateful. I may need something as simple as a classic beginners flute method if you can recommend one.

I appreciate your letting me post here,


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