Foot joint Roller key screw snap

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Foot joint Roller key screw snap

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I had the screw for the foot joint roller key snap flush to the arm with the threaded portion still in the arm. Looking for ways to get the rest of the screw out.

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Re: Foot joint Roller key screw snap

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If it's not stuck, you might be able to just twist it out with a very small screwdriver and pressure.

The traditional method is to drill a hole in the remaining steel and use a screw extractor to remove the nub.
You'll need the smallest screw extractor you can find. I would recommend taking it to a repair shop. Should you bugger the thread doing this, the repair is a little more involved, but a shop is usually setup with the equipment and materials to replace the receiving portion or more likely, drill out the old threads and fill with new material, drill and tap for the new screw.

Not a major job, but not for the faint of heart if removing the nub becomes problematic...
Joe B

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