Leakage or tightening needed?

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Leakage or tightening needed?

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Hi all,

I'm unable to play anything above a high D on my flute, having been playing a lot over lockdown, and even playing yesterday, as well as playing my piccolo, I know that it's not a problem with my embouchure. I get to a middle Bb and my flute starts to sound airy, I'm really struggling to get out a middle B, can get out a high C if I push my embouchure and I can partially get a D out, before completely dying when attempting to play an Eb. I have no issues with the low and middle octave at this point in time. I know that personally when playing piccolo, my embouchure needs to be slightly tighter than that of when I play the top octave on the flute, so both trying scales up the flute where I've memorised my embouchure changes, and even trying to play pic, then changing to flute to get that top octave just isn't working. I may have knocked my flute on my stand earlier today and I'm wondering if that's having anything to do with the reason that I just can't get out this top octave. For some reason I can play a low B but when I aim for a middle B and above, this is where my issues start.

I'd love to take my flute to a repair shop, but having moved, as well as being in lockdown for Coronavirus this is a bit difficult at this moment, and I do really need to try and record a piece of music for one of the bands I play with by tomorrow evening.

Thanks all,


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Re: Leakage or tightening needed?

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It sounds like your flute needs to be checked over by a good flute technician. In spite of COVID-19 and unless you are in quarantine, it should be possible to get it serviced at your nearest music repair shop. If you really do not want to venture out into public, then you could consider shipping it to a good flute shop. There are a lot of shops that offer that type of service.
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