Quad Flute/Picc Case—NOT the like Wiseman Quad Cases

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Quad Flute/Picc Case—NOT the like Wiseman Quad Cases

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I’m looking for a combo flute/Picc case that holds 2 flutes and 2 piccs—I have a C-foot student flute and a composite body/metal head joint picc that I play in marching band and a B-foot professional flute and grenadilla wood picc with a bulbous head joint that I play for the concert season. The problem is, marching season and concert season sometimes coincide together, and I play my concert instruments in the orchestra and local symphony year-round. So, it would be wise for me to have a case that held all four as one instead of having to lug around two or four separate cases everywhere in addition to the other materials that I bring.

So, my question is: does such as case exist (even if it’s custom made)? If not, I can just do two double cases—one for marching, the other for concert—and be just fine; however, if a case like this can be bought, I’d definitely rather do that.

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Re: Quad Flute/Picc Case—NOT the like Wiseman Quad Cases

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I'm not aware of any quad cases other than the Wiseman. Wiseman makes very nice cases but they are expensive ($1000+) as I'm sure you noticed. There are some alternatives you can consider. You could try an Altieri flute, piccolo, and laptop backpack. It is a little over $200 - maybe less if you catch a special someplace. It can hold two flutes, a piccolo, and a laptop. Without the laptop, you should be able to store a second piccolo. If you went with two flute/picc cases, I believe they would also fit. I have this one and like it a lot because it is insulated to protect my instruments against extreme weather. There is also room for some music and other accessories too. I like it because it is flexible.
https://altieribags.com/collections/flu ... p-backpack
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