Cleaning tarnish on a flute

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Cleaning tarnish on a flute

Post by LarryS »

My flute came to me secondhand (a freebie from a Facebook friend) and it has some tarnish on certain areas. The lip plate just looks dulled, whereas on some of the keys it appears some of the coating has worn off, or is it just surface tarnish? Also there's some green corrosion from reaction from the player's fingers (sweat)

Its only a beginner's instrument, made by Fortissimo, but I still want to look after it.
What should I use to clean it?


You can make beautiful music on an ugly flute

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Re: Cleaning tarnish on a flute

Post by pied_piper »

It looks like the plating is deteriorating. How fast that happens depends upon a lot of factors including body chemistry of the player(s), how well it is taken care of, environmental factors, etc. When the plating gets worn off like on the keys, there is not much that can be done except to have to old plating stripped off and then polish and replate the flute. In the case of student flutes, that would cost more than the instrument is worth (Hundreds of $). The worn finish generally does not affect the playability. Ugly flutes can still make beautiful music! :D

My suggestion is to save up your money and buy a better flute when you are ready to upgrade.
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