Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

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Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by sqq100 »

Hi. I am a 3rd year flautist and received a flute stand for Christmas. I have taken to not swabbing out my flute after practicing, and just sticking it on the stand. Does that damage my flute? Thanks,

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Re: Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by Midlife Flutist »

I'm still new to flute, but in my brief experience (and based on a more extensive history with the clarinet), yes. Clean it out every time. Condensation can sometimes pool in the keys. Even of your bore "drains" on it's own (ew), the keys with their horizontal (on a vertical stand) shelves will retain liquid and that's bad news for pads.

If I'm practicing more than two hours, I often have to pause to clean out my flute. However, I also live in a very humid area and it's still quite cool out, so it's inevitable in my case.

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Re: Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by fluteguy18 »

Always clean it. And you shouldn't leave it out on a stand for very long whatsoever. Too many variables to list could cause damage to it (kids, animals, general reasons to knock it over, dust particles, drafts, etc. etc.). If you're not playing it, it should be cleaned and put in your case. I only use a flute stand if I am taking a short break, or need to put it down for a moment. No longer than that.

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Re: Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by mirwa »

Im the opposite end.

Do not clean it unless its part of a class process, (keeps the teacher happy)

Stick it on a stand when not in use.

There are a couple of schools of thoughts regarding using a pull through, some think it removes the saliva from the bore, some feel it moves that saliva into tone holes during the pull process.

I for one believe, make your life easier, if its on a stand, it will get picked up more and played more, if its in a case, its out of site and out of mind, you will not play it as often.

Get it service every couple of years and it will be fine

For info, I own and run a rental fleet of flutes, this is what I tell my customers all the time, 400 plus flutes and have been doing rentals for 10 yrs with no issues or pad degradation


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Re: Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by pied_piper »

Well, I'll add a +1 vote to ALWAYS swab it out and ALWAYS keep it in the case when not in use. I only use a stand when I'm playing and need to switch to another instrument (piccolo, alto, bass, sax, etc). My reasons are similar to FG18.

As far as swabbing with a pull thru cloth to clean it, if you hold the flute vertically for a moment or two, most of the condensation will run out of the body. When I do that, I get a little moisture on the cloth which shows that it is absorbing most of the condensation rather than pushing it into the tone holes. BTW - There should only be condensation in your flute - not saliva. If you have saliva in your flute, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!! :shock: (Steve - I'm just yanking your chain a little on that last comment...) :lol:
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Re: Is Cleaning a Flute necessary when using a stand?

Post by SylvreKat »

Put me in the "clean it out every time/store on a stand" side. But only if there's little chance of something knocking over your flute.

I keep my bass on its stand, but I have no dogs or cats or children so it's unlikely it'll get hit. And as pointed out previously, it's far more conducive to my playing it than if it were cased instead. Unlatch, take off, play a song or two, swab, put back. Great for when I have only a few minutes free to play.

Now, if your home is full of activity or pets or kids, and you can't put your flute/stand in a protected location, then absolutely put it away every time.

Either way, always clean it after you play.


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