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For the techs out there

Post by JButky »

Something to make you laugh. Here's what we flute players do to instruments at the other end of the sonic spectrum...

Smile and Enjoy...

Joe B
Joe B

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Re: For the techs out there

Post by pied_piper »

OMG Joe! I love it. The last blooper clip where the Sousa got hung in the tree was priceless. The only thing missing there was you should have taken a club and played Sousa piñata while it was hanging there. :P
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Re: For the techs out there

Post by fluteguy18 »


That's what they're for right? That's at least what we thought at Red Wing... Last week of classes, those who were graduating got to have a celebratory picnic. A sousaphone and a euphonium were our victims of choice. No trebuchet though...

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Re: For the techs out there

Post by WalterSK »

It puzzled me until I realized that is how you get whisper tones on deeper brass instruments.

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Re: For the techs out there

Post by flutego12 »

Bit of a belated response but I love the new look fluteland forum and Message Board guys. Even the font looks great. Took me a few secs to look around but Quicklinks is neat and tidy. Great job =)

Thanks for the blooper post ... so now we know where the tech schools like Red Wing get their fresh cadavers from... pity the next intake. :wink:
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