Ligeti Double concerto for flute and oboe

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Ligeti Double concerto for flute and oboe

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A couple of weeks ago I had the supreme pleasure of seeing this piece played by the Boston Symphony with Elizabeth Rowe (flute) and John Ferrillo (oboe) as the soloists and I just wanted to share some thoughts on this with you all and see what any of you think about it. I had personally never heard of it before.

First thing to mention is that it isn't a concerto in the way most of us think of concertos. There aren't a ton of clearly virtuosic passages and often the soloists seem to be playing with the orchestra as opposed to separately. For instance if you think of most any concerto it is clear when the soloist is playing and when when the orchestra is. In this piece it all blends together in a rather amazing way. Also the way the music is written sets moods more than there is a clear melody.

The other thing about this piece which really caught my attention was the fact that the flute part is actually played on a C flute, and Alto flute, and a Bass flute. I have always adored the lower flutes and I never knew there was a concerto that made use of them.

Has anyone else ever heard this concerto performed? I am afraid it probably is the sort of piece that wouldn't translate well to recording so if any of you have heard a good one please let me know! :)

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