Flute repertoire

Specifics of Performing Flute Repertoire, such as Articulation, Phrasing, Tone, Tempo, etc.

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Flute repertoire

Post by flute9919 »

I would like to know many names of flute pieces... but not classics like Mozart's Concertos, Poulanc's Sonata, Gaubert's Fantaisie, Chaminade's Concertino or the others... gorgeus pieces which however are not famous and they are little known...

P.S.: I prefer the ones composed in the 1800s or in the early 1900s.

(I'm sorry for my English, but I'm Italian :D )

Thank you very much!!!

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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by zummerzet_lou »

Do a search for flute repertoire and you'll get loads of hits.

A couple that spring to mind are
Blavet (I've had a go at "La Lumagne" and it's a lovely piece)
Louillet (he's written a few pieces for flute)


Re: Flute repertoire

Post by dwindladwayne »

I suggest to try with Prokofiev's flute sonata, Mercadante's flute concerto in e minor and if you're brave enough you can try Sciarrino, who wrote a lot of pieces for flute.
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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by MissyHPhoenix »

Try the kuhlau pieces -- there are solo as well as duets that are a lot of fun.

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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by LizHennessy »

Hello flute9919, not sure if you are still looking for repertoire, but my name is Liz and I am from Australia and I have written a flute concerto recently. You can hear a preview of it here- http://www.hennessyfluteconcerto.com
Liz. :)

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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by jessiefangulis »

Hi there,

I recently attended a lovely concert of flute music in Istanbul. The flutist was Sefika Kutluer and she was
playing music by a Mexican composer, José Elizondo. You can download his music for free from a website:


My personal favorites are "Lullaby" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygW8047euVw)
and "Parade" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2XVC5E6E5c).

Have a great weekend,


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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by Classitar »

Thanks Jessie,

There are a couple of flute and guitar scores
Looking forward to trying them

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Re: Flute repertoire

Post by WhispyTeen »

Definitely worth a listen....Not sure if this is super popular or not, but it's beautiful. Rampal interprets it brilliantly.

Carl Reinecke - Flute Concerto in D Major Op. 283

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