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Mass Spam

Post by fluteguy18 »

Hi everyone.

In response to the mass spamming by the individual who most recently replied in the thread below this one, I am posting this:

His/her spamming has spread into private messages in addition to inappropriate replies to threads. I received one, and it was extremely hateful. If you have recieved one, I ask that you just ignore it. Don't even open it. I have already reported this person to Admin.

Hopefully this will be cleaned up soon, and our board can return to it's productive and positive supporting nature.

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Post by MissyHPhoenix »

Thanks!! I'm so tired of crap like that getting on here. I wish there was some way to sick the pc-police on him. It shoud be against the law.

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Post by admin »

Hi, we cleaned up the posts. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about these things if the user decides to register manually and take time doing things like this. We can block some automatic spammers (which we do) but individual cases like this are not detectable until after they appear. But we will do our best to clean it up as soon as we can so that everyone can enjoy this board for what it is.
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