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by lcamhi
Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:16 pm
Forum: Intermediate Flute Playing Tips and Questions
Topic: audition
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My son is a Freshman at a large and highly competitive university. He has studied the flute privately for six years, and played in his high school's Symphonic Band. He auditioned for the Wind Symphony at his university, though at the last minute they made the flautists play through masks, which may ...
by lcamhi
Thu Feb 04, 2021 8:42 am
Forum: Flute History and Instruments
Topic: Yamaha 561H
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Yamaha 561H

Does anyone have experience with this flute? I believe the model was discontinued but I have the opportunity to purchase one (made circa 1999, but only lightly used) at what seems like a very good price. The back story--my teenage son began teaching me to play the flute during quarantine last Spring...
by lcamhi
Thu May 11, 2017 3:53 pm
Forum: Flute History and Instruments
Topic: flute for an intermediate student
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flute for an intermediate student

I am looking to purchase a flute for my 14-year-old son, who has been studying the flute privately for two years. His teacher recommended Yamaha. We would like an open-holed flute, with a B-foot. His teacher recommended an inline G, though offset G flutes also seem to be quite popular. We are lookin...