Vivaldi Piccolo

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Well, there's really not a Vivaldi "piccolo" piece. It was probably originally written for recorder, but is often played on piccolo, earning it the title of a "piccolo concerto." If it's the piece I'm thinking of (there are actually several Vivaldi concerti played regularly on the flute/picc), the full title would be "Concerto (per flautino) in C Major, RV 443." Note that the "per flautino" is in parenthesis, because it often is omitted from the title.

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I have sheet music for 3 Vivaldi "piccolo/ottavino/flautino" Concerti:

In C Major - F. VI #4
In C Major - F. VI #5
In a Minor - F. VI #9

Not sure how these would translate in RV #s though.

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RV 443, 444, and 445 (I'm thinking 444 is the one in A minor)

It's really not a good sign that I know those #s from memory.

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biggzh wrote: It's really not a good sign that I know those #s from memory.
Yes it is. :)

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