Nasty notes on the flute

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Nasty notes on the flute

Post by tubbycub »

After playing the flute the about six months, I
can play most of the notes on the three octaves with ease. However, I noticed
that certain notes like B2, C2, C#2 and F#3 are particularly hard to produce,
even when slurring from neighboring notes. What I normally get are either
dropping to a lower octave or a cracked note. What can I do to over come

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Nasty notes on the flute

Post by boomerang »

There is an excellent warmup book you can get
through called the Physical Flute The B and C notes are unstable
notes because we don't have many fingers down, therefore most of the tube is
open...make sure that your chin is "under the flute", in other words, point your
chin so that it is underneath the headjoint to help give yourself support. The
F# is a nasty note on most flutes...once again, try adjusting your
chin...Personally I prefer using right finger 2 instead of 3 in this high F
sharp, it seems to give most flutes more stability.

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Nasty notes on the flute

Post by FluteFreak »

Hmmm... To play a C# correctly in tune on an
open holed flute, put down all the fingers down on right hand. That little trick
helps my intonation greatly.[:bigsmile:]
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