Can someone please explain the price difference in flutes

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Can someone please explain the price difference in flutes

Post by mister_C_major » Sat Jun 26, 2004 1:11 am

I''m trying to explain
to my father why a $900 flute can''t play as well as a $2000 or a $4000 flute.
He says that its all in the player which IS true to some extent. He is very
music illiterate, so its been very hard to explain to him. Any response is

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Can someone please explain the price difference in flutes

Post by Kendall » Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:12 am

Do you have a
private teacher or a band teacher? You could ask them to show you the
specifications you should have on your new flute which would increase the price.
A major thing that increases the price is solid silver headjoint or body or foot
or keys etc. These improve tone etc. Another thing that increases price is
french style keys opposed to plateau keys. French style(open-hole) offers the
benifit of being able to feel the tone vibrating in your fingers, it allows you
to trick fingerings and other special fingerings by partially covering a hole. A
split-E mechanism is in some flutes but usually in the more expensive ones(it
depends on whether the player wants it or not...some prefer to play without it)
It makes high E's more in-tune and they are easier to reach. This could easily
add a few hundred to the final price Lastly, a B-foot joint would increase the
price. It allows you to reach to reach B1, which is not possible on a C-foot
joint flute (unless there is an extension) I hope this helps,

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