Selling Price for a Pearl Piccolo PFP-105E

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Selling Price for a Pearl Piccolo PFP-105E

Post by flutepiccguy26 »

Hi, everyone!

This is my first post on the forum and I was just wanting to see how much I could get for a "gently used" Pearl Piccolo.

These piccolos sell new for $995.00 (retail price is $1530.00) on Flute World.

Here's the description (from Flute World):
Grenaditte composite body, high-wave bulb headjoint, silver plated keys, pointed arms, split E mechanism

The instrument is in very good condition. The pads look to be in fair shape with a couple that might need replacing. The keys show some normal wear but the plating is still immaculate. Minor leak in the Bb thumb key but no other "noticeable" leaks. I would consider selling it for around $795.00. Would you think that is a fair price? It comes with the original pearl french double headjoint hard case and cover and original wood swab. It was only used for a few months until I upgraded to a Burkart picc.

Here's a photo of the actual instrument:


I'm not saying I WILL definitely sell but I want to see how much I might get if I did! :)

Thank you all for your time!

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Re: Selling Price for a Pearl Piccolo PFP-105E

Post by fluttiegurl »

I just paid $850 for a new one from my local retailer of choice, but keep in mind that I get a substantial discount for my program. With that said, I would not pay more than $500 for a used one in playing condition when I can get a new one for this price. I tried to find a used one and was unsuccessful. Since they are hard to find used, you may be able to get as much as $700 or more if it were re-padded, adjusted and ready to go. Playability is far more important to most than cosmetic condition. Also, considering where you will be selling, you may be able to get more by consigning it than selling online or through an auction. If a person can actually play the instrument, they are more likely to pay more.

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Re: Selling Price for a Pearl Piccolo PFP-105E

Post by fluteguy18 »

A good asking price for the picc would be 80% of the current prices for the same instrument new, MINUS all repairs needed and MINUS any cosmetic wear. Since you stated that it needs a few pads replaced I would be willing to wager that it needs a complete COA. Considering the average cost of a piccolo COA and the cost of perhaps one additional pad replacement, that's a deduction of about $200.

So if a new one is roughly $995, I would say you're looking at about $550 TOPS unless you get it professionally serviced by a technician specializing in flutes. (995*.85)-200 (for COA), - 45 (minor cosmetic hairline scuffs from normal playing).

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