Trying out new Pearl flute

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Trying out new Pearl flute

Post by mlodin »


I'm new to the forum - found it while researching flutes. I'm currently trying out a Pearl Cantabile and am wondering if it is typical to struggle with the headjoint when first playing the instrument? I've played for almost 30 years total, but have only dabbled since college. After saving for a while I want to step up my instrument.

I've been really happy with my Pearl 661, and seem to do well with that headjoint. The tone and balance of the Cantabile is really wonderful, and I find the higher notes much more clear and stable, but have experienced a few clunkers. Would appreciate learning from anyone else who has changed flutes.

I also considered the Elegante Coda, but opted to try the Cantabile first.



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Post by fluteguy18 »

You are comparing a handmade flute versus a machine made flute. The handmade flute should be an upgrade in every way. Buuuuuttttttt..... they take a lot more precision to play well. They take a while to adjust to. If you like it, then buy it. But when investing this much money in a flute, I would make sure to try out as many as possible. Just because a machine made Pearl suits you doesn't mean that a handmade Pearl suits you the best.

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I agree. My experiences were starting on a certain not to be named well known flute as a beginner, upgrading to the same brand intermediate flute in high school than deciding that when it was time for a serious upgrade, that brand should be just fine. I was very wrong! How much I have learned since then :?

If the Cantabile works for you, that is great. I personally think very highly of Pearl flutes. An adjustment any time you upgrade is to be expected, especially with headjoints.

However, I hope you have kept your options open. Try some other flute makers as well. You may not find anything you like as well, but there is the possibility that you may find something much better for you. Just a suggestion.

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Which headjoint are you using with the Cantabile? The Forte?

There is a world of difference between the 661 head and the Forte Handmade head. You might want to ask your dealer if they have other cuts available to try. You may prefer a Vivo cut or one of the N series, which will give the hand cut headjoints benefits of sound but be more comfortable to play. The jump in headjoint you are experiencing may take some time to get used to as was already mentioned. Explore some headjoint possibilities if that is available.

We do make a variety for "Cantabile" although "Forte" is usually the supplied cut being the most popular.
Joe B

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